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OpenGL Compute Shaders: First Steps

This notebook is a first exploration into general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing using OpenGL’s compute shaders. OpenGL is primarily geared towards rendering graphics and most of its functionality is organized into a sequential rendering pipeline. However, it also includes the ability to run computations outside of the rendering pipeline using so-called “compute shaders”. In essence, a shader is just a little program, written in a C-like language, that executes on the GPU. I am neither qualified nor interested in explaining more than that; if you’re interested then I suggest reading one of the many OpenGL tutorials on the internet. I warn you in advance: it is a big rabbit hole!

If the goal is general-purpose GPU computing, you might wonder why I chose to use OpenGL (geared towards graphics, with GPGPU as an auxiliary function) instead of something like CUDA or OpenCL. I have the naive impression that OpenGL is easier to set up on a new computer than the the more general alternatives are, and a long-term goal of mine is to distribute GPU-accelerated code to the masses, so ease of installation is important. Perhaps someday I’ll change my mind and switch to OpenCL, but for now I experiment with OpenGL.


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