Music TimelineΒΆ

Album release years of various rock et al. bands.

album years
import requests
import bs4
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import re

def fetch_discography(band_name):
    url = '' + band_name.replace(' ', '_')
    response = requests.get(url)
    doc = bs4.BeautifulSoup(response.content)
    section = doc.find(attrs={'id': 'Discography'})
    items = section.find_next('ul').find_all('li')
    regex = r'(?P<title>.*) \((?P<year>\d{4})(, live)?\)'
    matches = [, item.text) for item in items]
    data = pd.DataFrame({
        'band': band_name,
        'album': ['title') for match in matches],
        'year': [int('year')) for match in matches],
    return data

band_list = [
    'Led Zeppelin', 'Warren Zevon', 'The Rolling Stones', 'Boston (band)',
    'Johnny Cash', 'Neil Young', 'Van Halen', 'Dire Straits', 'Peter Frampton',
    'Gordon Lightfoot', 'Foo Fighters', 'Pearl Jam', 'Pink Floyd', 'The Cars',
    'Rush (band)', 'Chuck Berry', 'ZZ Top', "Guns N' Roses", 'REO Speedwagon',
df = pd.concat(map(fetch_discography, band_list))
df['band'] = df['band'].astype('category')
first_year = df.groupby('band')['year'].min()
df['key'] = [first_year[band] for band in df['band']]
df = df.sort_values('key')
df.plot.scatter('year', 'band')

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