Picture Post

We hang garlic around the place on our porch.  Apparently the birds like it as much as we do:


Here’s a picture of our setup for Charlotte farmer’s market I took a few weeks ago (click to enlarge):


I stand behind the counter on the left side of the picture, and William stands behind the table with the green tablecloth.  Our meat freezers are in the trailer on the back left.

Most of the stuff I build has to be built outside of a workshop because it’s either in-place like the barn doors or too big like our movable animal shelters.  Drilling holes through steel pipes isn’t easy if you don’t have a jig to hold them in place!  Had to bust out the old Boy Scout lashing skills to keep everything in place while I bolted it all together:


Sometimes I am lucky and Okra the dog helps me when I’m working the farm by myself.  She likes to put her leg up on the arm rest when we’re driving around.


We have two types of electric fencing.  One is just bare wires on big spools, and the other is a fancy netting one poles.  The netting is a couple hundred feet when set up and it a little awkward to carry around when bundled up, but it’s very quick to put up and take down.  This is how we move around three units of netting at a time:


By some black magic I don’t understand, it doesn’t get caught in the wheels.  If you really want to move more than three at a time, you can put a jacket or something between layers of the netting to help them from getting tangled on each other.

Sometimes the pigs get a little impudent.  The fatter ones especially are rude because they learned they can shove around the smaller pigs.  Here is a hog sticking out its tongue at me.


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