A Day In The Life

I’ve been busy and uninspired, but here’s another post (over a month after the last one!).  I figure if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a lot more, so I recorded many small clips over one of my workdays.  It was on a weekend when I was the only one working, so nobody was there to yell at me for pulling out my camera all the time!

The morning was mostly spent expanding the doorway on one of our hoop barns.  It was about 4 ft wide, which was not wide enough for a bobcat with a load to get through.  I expanded it to about 9 ft.  Mostly this was digging out and removing some 4×4 uprights, then cutting the existing horizontals to the new length, then resetting and attaching the 4×4 uprights.  Then I did the same thing on another barn.





The morning on that day was very cold, around 28F when I started working.  Not fun!  We have to dismantle a lot of our irrigation setup after every use now or else it’ll freeze and break.

The video has a few editing mistakes.  The amount of work it takes to join together so many little video clips is surprisingly large.  I think it’s a little more fun to watch it at 1.5x or 2x speed.

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