Farming Tips and Tricks 1

  • To see if a sow is in heat, get behind her and push on her lower back, or try to ride her.  If she responds favorably, she’s in heat.  If she swings round and knocks you over and tromps all over you, she is not in heat.
  • Dogs are better at catching rats than you are.  Cats are better at catching birds that flew into your house.  And chickens are good at catching mice.
  • Baby chickens are surprisingly good at hopping vertically.  They also enjoy making a mess of everything they can.  And even though a moment’s thought would reveal that my foot is indeed a part of me, baby chickens will run away from me by hiding on top of my boot.
  • Vinegar is good for pigs, and a full-grown sow will chug it straight from the bottle if you let them.
  • Sometimes piglets are very kind beasts.  I saw a piglet run and give an eggplant to the runt of the litter when it didn’t get up to eat.

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